Nursing job interview


After all the hard work in nursing school, the efforts to pass SNLE, and after sending out countless resumes, you've finally secured an interview!
We all know that interviews are awkward and get everyone nervous. This lecture was designed to help and guide you step-by-step to impress any interviewer.
Learn more about introducing yourself, skills and accomplishments in a professional way.

Main theme

An online interactive lecture for postgraduate nurses who are looking for jobs, that run for one and half hour.
By the end of the lecture panel will be open for questions which was not covered during the lecture to be answered by the instructor.

Goals and Objectives

1- Recognize the purpose of nursing job interview.
2- Discuss the proper way to prepare yourself for a nursing job interview.
3- Clarify good strategies to be used to answer the expected questions during your interview.
4- Illustrate weak points that could affect your interview.
5- Memorize important tips to master your next nursing job interview.

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All Health Care Provider


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  • 12 Nov 2017    To    12 Nov 2017
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