Behind the scenes of nursing


One of the most critical periods for nurses, when they leave the safe and supportive teaching environment as students in nursing school to face their big responsibility which is taking care of their assigned patients after getting a job, in which they encounter ethical aspect, humanity, and mercy.

If you are a nursing intern or new nurse, join us in this course which is designed for you to help you in applying the theory of nursing and facilitate integration of theoretical knowledge with practical skills in clinical setting. Also, it will help you to know all the small details that might make a big difference in your practice.

It will be an interactive sessions, in which we are encouraging you to prepare your opinions, knowledge and experience to enhance the course.

Know it before facing it, and save your seat now!

Main theme

An online lecture, it will be held for two days. In the first day, the first four learning objectives will be covered by the instructor, while in the second day audience are invited to participate with the instructor either by sharing their experiences or the stories they had lived during their practical days as a student or as a nurse, as well as sharing their opinions towards the profession of nursing.

Goals and Objectives

1- Recognize the reality of nursing profession.
2- Differentiate between nursing profession and other healthcare professions.
3- Discuss the challenges in nursing field.
4- Enhance self-confidence in newly graduate nurses.
5- Encourage the participants to share their experiences and stories in the nursing field.

This Course For :

All Health Care Provider


Course Fee

Full Course

150 SR
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Contact Information

Organization : Virtual Medical Academy
Phone : 558448846
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  • 28 Jan 2018    To    29 Jan 2018
  • 08:00 PM  To  10:00 PM
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