28th Annual Scientific Meeting in Internal Medicine on Geriatrics


Hospital Care Providers constantly deal with elderly patients. The problem, however, is that only few of the health care providers possess the specialized training in geriatric medicine. Unlike the ordinary population, elderly persistently requires continuity of care, compassion and guidance as many of these patients are sensitive, distressed and socially vulnerable. As an expanding population, the elderly clients need particular attention in terms of preventing medication errors, accidental falls, and other complications that need to be addressed by those directly involved in patient care.
Our aging population will pose serious challenges such as functional decline, frailty, unstable health status, and multiple health problems. Various publications encouraged healthcare institutions to become proactive in resolving problems in care planning, communication and coordination of the healthcare staff. This meeting therefore aims to equip the participants with insights that improve optimal multidisciplinary care for the elderly patients. It will also help them identify commendable standards of care, emphasize the roles of modern hospitals and providing innovations that are safe, personalized and cost-effective.

Goals and Objectives

- Encouraging age friendly health care.
- Raising awareness about common geriatrics syndromes management.
- Safety for elderly across healthcare chain.

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  • 13 Dec 2017    To    14 Dec 2017
  • 07:00 AM  To  12:00 PM
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