How to create and deliver effective PowerPoint Presentations


Effective communication is essential for physicians and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in all fields. Every HCP at some point is asked to deliver a presentation to an audience which might range from a small gathering from own department to a hall full of HCPs in a national or international medical conference. Teachers deliver lectures to students on a daily basis. PowerPoint remains the most common medium of presentation all around the globe. Despite the need to master the skill of creating engaging PowerPoint presentations and deliver interesting talks and lectures, HCPs are not formally taught this skill. This frequently results in poorly prepared slides which fail to make an impact on the audience and convey the message effectively. This course will be of benefit to the anyone interested in learning the skills of making high quality PowerPoint slides and deliver them in an engaging manner.
The anticipated benefits for the participants of the proposed workshop are as follows.
1. Primary aim of the workshop will is to discuss the basic principles of making good quality and engaging PowerPoint presentations
2. It will result in better understanding of PowerPoint and different commands used to make visually engaging slides while saving time.
3. It will help the participants to understand the components of a high impact PowerPoint presentation/

Main theme

This interactive two hour session will be given by a qualified expert in the field. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the topic in order to deliver effective presentations.

Goals and Objectives

By end of the course, candidates should be able to:
- Describe the principles of an engaging PowerPoint presentation
- Select appropriate commands to create visually appealing slides
- Describe different modes of in-person and online presentations
- Understand the components of delivering an effective PowerPoint presentations

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