Chemistry Lab Interpretation


A blood chemistry panel is a common test used to evaluate a variety of components that provide general information about the function of important organs in the body and it screens for a wide range of problems, including kidney, liver, heart, adrenal, endocrine and neuromuscular disorders by measuring the levels of important electrolytes and other chemicals like glucose, blood urea nitrogen, carbon dioxide and others. In order to interpret chemistry lab results it’s crucial to understand the guiding principles and concepts behind it.

This session will cover renal panel and electrolytes.

Main theme

Interactive online course of 2 days duration, total of 4 hours contain short theoretical talk followed by practical part where interpretation takes place (electrolytes and renal panel interpretation).

Each topic will include three to four examples of real cases with certain questions to be interpreted, discussed and answered by the participants.

Goals and Objectives

- To discuss the pathophysiology of renal panel and electrolytes disturbances.
- To discover the abnormalities and diseases detected by abnormal electrolyte and renal panel results.
- To discuss some laboratory test reports and practice report interpretation using specific examples.

This Course For :

All Healthcare Providers


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152.25 SR
    VAT Included

  • 27 Feb 2018    To    28 Feb 2018
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