Pediatric Promotion MCQ & OSCE Course


"The online pediatric course package is a combination of courses: (4th Pediatric OSCE preparation and 6th Pediatric MCQ Course). See individual course description below for details about the sessions that will be covered in each course. Enrolling in this pediatric package allows you to access the courses at a reduced price compared to purchasing the individual courses price.

4th Pediatric OSCE Preparation Course includes seven online stations: OPD, Communication, History taking & discussion, EBM, NICU, ER and Data interpretation.

6th Pediatric MCQ Course is aimed at practicing board style multiple-choice questions for each subspecialty. The course will cover ten subspecialties: Respiratory, General Pediatrics, Endocrine, PICU, ER, Hematology/oncology, GIT, Rhumatology, NICU and Cardiology.

Sessions will be presented by highly regarded faculty who are experienced with the Pediatric OSCE and board style exam and will include an overview of the most important aspects of each topic.

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Main theme

These interactive online courses are designed for pediatric Residents (R1-R3). It will prepare candidates for the upcoming pediatrics board exam with multiple-choice questions and OSCE board style stations. Each course in this package has its own teaching method, for details see individual course teaching method below

4th Pediatric OSCE Preparation Course: Seven stations will be given, each session will include a number of real exam cases. The instructor will choose one of the participants to discuss the case using the mic +/-camera. At the end of each case, the instructor will provide participants with feedback and the main points from the case scenario. In addition, general advices for each station will be given at the end of the session.
Duration: 4 day course, with a total of 11 hrs + 30 mins; each session will be for 1-2 hours.
Start Date: 22/April, End Date: 25/April

6th Pediatric MCQ Course: 20 MCQ’s for each sub-speciality will be given, the questions will appear on the presenter’s slide and your interaction is necessary to drive the session as well as to measure your knowledge. At the end of each question, the instructor will provide the correct answer and a short brief about the topic.
Duration: 4 day course, with a total of 10 hours; each session will be for 1-2 hours.
Start Date: 25/June, End Date: 28/June

Goals and Objectives

By the end of the 4th Pediatric OSCE Preparation Course, candidates should be able to:
- Be familiar with the OSCE environment and stations
- Highlight the important aspects of the OSCE exam
- Identify the expected and common topics of the exam

By the end of the 6th Pediatric MCQ Course, candidates should be able to:
- Familiarize yourself with pediatric promotion and part one Saudi Board MCQ exam format
- Improve or boost your test scores
- Answer the questions effectively by working through them strategically
- Identify the common areas and topics that the questions elicit

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