Frequently Asked Questions
- How can I create an account?

To create an account, go to the registration page , and follow these steps:  

1- Enter your information

2- Check your email inbox or your (Spam / Junk) to activate your account.

Now you are ready to make your selections and register online.

- How can I edit my name in the website?

You need to email us with your correct name spelling and your mobile number that registered in the website info@medicalacademy.org

- How to register in your Events?

Registration steps:

1- Log in with your account email address and password.

2- Click on enrolment.

3- Complete each step of the online registration process following the instructions on each page.

4- Pay your fees.

We will notify you by email once your registration is confirmed.

- When should I register and pay the course fee?

Register and pay to reserve your seat as early as possible due to limited seats number. Notice that registering without making any payment doesn't save your seat.

- What payment methods does VMA accept?

The following payment options are available to use:

1- Cash: through VMA representative team.

2- Bank transfer.

3- Credit card.

4- Sdad account “ It’s a new service you can activate through your online bank account ”.

- How long does it take to confirm my registration after I transferred the course fee?

The confirmation will take 5 working days. Late payments need to upload their receipt on to the website.

- Someone will pay for me. Do I need to mention that?

Yes, you need to mention the holder name and bank name when you complete your registration.

- I just paid and the event will start soon. What can I do to activate my registration?

You need to email us with a copy of the receipt  info@medicalacademy.org or you may contact us via telephone at +966558448846  and we’ll take care of your question right away!

- How do I reset my password?

If you can't log into VMA website and need to reset your password:

1- Go to the VMA login screen at www.medicalacademy.org

2- In the top right, click Forget password.

3- Type the email then follow the on-screen instructions.

4- Watch for an email from VMA with a link that allows you to reset your password.

- Do I receive any CME hours for taking a course?

At this time, CME hours is only available in the conferences broadcasted through VMA.

- Where can I find my certificate?

To find your certificate, please follow these steps:

1- Log in with your account email address and password.

2- In the top right, click in your name to visit your profile.

3- Click in “Completed” icon.

4- Click in “certificate” then “print certificate” or make a copy as PDF file.

- What is an online course?

An online course is a course in which learning and student participation takes place over the Internet.

Through an online platform called Adobe connect.

- When you attempt to log in to Adobe Connect, you see the following error: "Invalid user or password. Please try again."

1- Click Forgot Your Password? using your computer as you can’t reset password if using a smartphone.

2- Enter your email address and click Submit.

3- Watch for an email from Adobe with a link that allows you to reset your password.

- Do I need any special computer equipment in order to take an online course?

To ensure that your participation in VMA Live Online Learning course is successful, please do the following:

Take a diagnostic test and ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible meeting experience. This diagnostic test will check and guide you to install the required version of Adobe flash player and the Adobe connect meeting add-in.

  Please note that:

  - These installations are critical.

  - Internet connection should be at least 4 megabits

If you want to use IOS or android system you need to download the Adobe Connect application from the app store

- Can I open recorded lecture through my smartphone?

No, you should open recorded lecture using computer only.

- Arabic letters appear not connected in Adobe connect chat box in my smartphone?

To fix this problem, please log in using your laptop.

- Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email info@medicalacademy.org or you may contact us via telephone at +966558448846  and we’ll take care of your question right away!

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