How to write and Publish case reports? | 2nd Edition


In the current era of evidence based medicine based on Randomized clinical trials and systematic reviews, case reports seem trivial and of no importance. However, case report documentation is probably the oldest form of medical writing as evident from the Edwin Smith Papyrus from old Egypt. In addition, many major diseases ( e.g. multiple myeloma and AIDS) were first documented as case reports. Case reports have also helped bring major changes in the healthcare ( e.g thalidomide tragedy). Case reports are easy to document and write and give confidence to young researchers who something have to struggle with writing a full text article. They are very popular among the readers and improve the writing skills which can help write full text articles in future.
This workshop will discuss the historical aspects of case reports and its value in the current health care system. I will discuss the important components of writing a case report and also share some examples. I will also discuss other forms of case reports like visual vignette and clinical images.

Main theme

This will be an two hour online live training session with no special pre-requisites. *Purchase of the course grants you 21 days access to the session recording*

Goals and Objectives

Upon conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:
▪ Describe importance of documenting case reports in their clinical practice
▪ Understand the historical value of a case report in medical sciences
▪ Describe the important components and principles of writing a case report
▪ Identify appropriate journals for publishing case reports
▪ Appreciate other forms of documenting case reports in form of visual vignette , Medical images and clinical images

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