Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Virtual Medical Academy set up its portal to be an effective window to explore the academy services, and what it provides from services for beneficiaries students, healthcare providers and practitioners, in addition to other beneficiaries at the local and international level. The VMA portal management defined a number of terms and items, which constitute with each other a policy for users that strengthen the relation between the VMA portal on one hand and the beneficiary users on the other hand. Hence, this leads to providing a better service that helps achieve a big benefit from all what the portal contains of information. Since such an electronic portal for Virtual Medical Academy in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, referred to it here as Virtual Medical Academy portal or (VMA portal), is available for your personal usage, therefore your access and usage of such portal is subjected to the items and conditions of usage and the KSA's systems. In addition to this, your access and entry to such portal is unconditional or unrestrictive consent to the terms and conditions of usage whether you are registered user or not. Such consent is on since the first day of your usage for the portal. As it’s clarified by the VMA portal's vision and message, then one of its important objectives is to be tool to facilitate its services for the beneficiaries by providing smooth electronic services. In addition to raising awareness and disseminating knowledge and emphasizing the principle of participation and constructive dialogue as well as reviewing the role of the academy in the process of sustainable development in The health field in the Kingdom in general and the development of the e-learning sector and its access to distinct ranks in particular. Accordingly, your usage of all what is mentioned on the VMA portal is meant for scientific, knowledgeable and cultural enrichment, which makes usage of any information on the portal the user's responsibility. Usage of the portal includes a number of terms and conditions which are subjected to continuous updates and changes, if need be. Therefore, any modification or update for any of such terms and conditions takes effect once it is approved by the portal management, which requires you to continuously check terms of usage and principles of irreprehensiblity to know any updates they have gone through. Hence, your continuity in using the portal means your full knowledge and consent for any modification conducted to the terms and conditions of usage. Bearing in mind that such terms and conditions guarantee property rights, and the portal management is not required to announce about any updates such terms have gone through.


2. Restrictions of usage Virtual Medical Academy's portal, you approved of preventing from the following:

• Providing or downloading files that contain software, materials, data or other information that are not owned by you or you are not licensed to use it.

 • Using the VMA portal to send a commercial or unauthorized e-mail; or any abuse of such kind for Virtual Medical Academy's portal. 

• Providing or downloading files on the portal contains viruses or damaged data.

 • Publishing, posting, sharing or circulating pieces of information contain defamation, violation for laws, sexual material, against Islamic instructions, general policy of ethics or any unlawful materials through Virtual Medical Academy's portal. 

• Taking part through the Virtual Medical Academy's portal in illegal or unlawful activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

• Advertising, through Virtual Medical Academy's portal, about any product or service that makes the Academy seem as a violator for some law or any system applied in any field. 

• Using any means, program or procedure to intercept or an attempt to intercept the proper operation of the Academy's portal. 

• Making any procedure imposing an unreasonable, big or improper load on the infrastructure of the Academy's portal.


3. Links (from and to the portal) Links from other portals to the Virtual Medical Academy's portal.

• Apart from what is mentioned below, it is prohibited to transfer or copy any of Academy's portal contents; or create any electronic links related to it or display any of them in a frame.

• It is allowed to set links related to Virtual Medical Academy's portal at any other sites, which their objectives and their general orientation do not conflict with the objectives, policies and frameworks of the University's electronic portal.

• Under no circumstance is the Academy considered participant or engaged in whatsoever whether it is signs, logos, commercial or service codes or any other means used or appears on the web sites related to that portal or its contents.

• The Virtual Medical Academy maintains its full rights in suspending or obstructing any whatsoever link from any site containing improper, defamatory, obscene, sexual, unacceptable or unlawful issues; and names, materials or information violate any law or breach any intellectual property rights, privacy rights or public rights.

• The Virtual Medical Academy reserves the right of intercepting any whatsoever unauthorized engagement, and does not bear the responsibility of any contents provided on any other site that can accessed through and to the portal. Links from the Academy's portal to other portals-Contact links of other portals or websites provided with the aim of making it easy for the visitor and the Virtual Medical Academy. Therefore, the portals management is not responsible for content, the credibility of the portal and/ or the sites, which linked to it, and we do not accredit their contents. Hence, using any of these links to access such sites or portals is your own full responsibility. We aim at replacing the disconnected electronic links, which do not operate on the other sites. Since we do not control such links, we do not guarantee that such links will continuously operate.


4. Protection from viruses

The portal management exerts all efforts to examine and test contents of the portal in all work phases. We advise you to always operate anti-virus program against all the materials downloaded from the internet. We do not bear any responsibility of losing, disconnecting or damaging for your data; or your computer, which may happen while accessing the portal or when using any materials of the content or any on it.


5. Quitting Complaints

Virtual Medical Academy, the services provided by it; and information, materials and functions available on it or which can be accessed through the portal are provided for personal usage "as it is" and "as it is available" without any note, promises or guarantees of any kind. We cannot guarantee or bear the responsibility of any disconnection, errors or transgressions that could happen because of using the portal, its contents or any site linked to it, whether we are informed or not. However, any communication or information sent by the user through the portal will not have the right to own it or guarantee its confidentiality. In addition to this, any general usage or interactive in particular provided through the portal does not mean guaranteeing any rights, licenses or privileges for the user of any kind. If the Academy quit any right allowed to it, determined within these terms in some places or occasions, this would not mean constantly, and spontaneously quitting any rights in other places and occasions.


6. Scope of responsibility and its limits

The electronic services provided through the electronic portal of Virtual Medical Academy through the internet, and obtaining information is only provided to facilitate the users procedures. Hence, you approve your full knowledge that communications through the internet may be interfered or intercepted by others. So, accessing the portal remains your own responsibility, and the portal does not bear under any circumstances the responsibility of any loss or harm you sustain because of your usage, visit or depending on any statement, opinion, announcement or what could result of delaying in operation, disability of communication, internet access problems, equipment and software breakdown, or behavior or ideas of a person accessing the portal. Therefore, you approve and agree that your sole exclusive means to address any harm or loss that may happen because of your entry and usage for the portal is to prevent from using or accessing it, or quit doing so altogether.

7. Compensation

You therein approve of not taking any procedures against Virtual Medical Academy and exonerating the Academy of any responsibility or any of the offices affiliated to it, or any of the staff in charge of managing, maintaining, updating or presenting the Academy's portal. This is related to all the commitments and responsibilities which could occur in connection with any complaints about your violation for items and conditions of usage, or any of the laws in force whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place where you reside.


8. Ending Usage

The portal management is allowed to end, restrict, or suspend your right of accessing the VMA portal and its usage without any previous note for any reason including terms and items of usage, or any other behavior regarded by the management, according to its standards, as unlawful or harmful to others. In case of usage ending, you will not be authorized to access the portal.


  9. Property Rights

• All the materials of the content published on the portal and the sites affiliated to it are subjected to intellectual property rights including texts, drawing, photographs, software, or designs among others

• The portal management allows users to view and browse the VMA portal's pages, and paper printing for on copy, which is for personal usage.

• The Directorate of IT and communication technically supervises the VMA portal, which is a directorate affiliated to Virtual Medical Academy, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and all the materials available on the portal, including texts, drawings, photographs of information and software( contents), designs among others. They are all protected by virtue of publishing rights, brands and other forms of property rights.  

• Since one of the main objectives of the portal is to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge for the portal and its visitors, then the personal user or non-profit usage is allowed to benefit from the content of the portal and any information published on it, with necessary reference that the portal of Virtual Medical Academy is the source of that content and such information. In case of personal usage, you can print any parts of the content only once.

• However, it is totally banned selling, licensing, renting, copying, cloning, reprinting, downloading, announcing. Transferring, distributing, publicly displaying, editing or creating any works based upon any materials or contents of the portal for the audience and commercial purposes. Hence, in such a case and for any general usage of parts of the content, there should be a previous written consent from the portal management at Virtual Medical Academy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with stressing the necessity of complying with Saudi law of intellectual property protection, and all what is provided within such a document.

• It is totally prohibited to modify any of the portal's content, furthermore the drawings and photographs on the portal are protected by virtue of publishing rights. Hence, they are not allowed to be copied or exploited in any way without any previous written consent from the portal management.

• There should be a reference to the portal of Virtual Medical Academy when using any content mentioned on its electronic portal.


10. Governing law and Judiciary Reference

Accordingly, you agree to be exclusively subjected to the judiciary authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in relation to all the complaints and disputes, which may arise for using the portal. Bearing in mind that Arabic language will be the official language used to settle any disputes arising for your usage of the portal and any of its contents.


11. General Terms:

• Arabic language is the main language for using the portal and benefitting from all the published materials on it. The aim of translation any of such materials to provide additional service, therefore the available translation is not reliable when it comes to interpreting any dispute about what the portal contains of content

• All the regulations and laws published on the portal whether it is related to the Virtual Medical Academy may subject to translation with to interpret its meanings with the aim of additional benefit. However, the Arabic text for all such regulations and laws constitute a basic reference, so you cannot depend on its interpreting translation to elicit any information or details.

• The VMA portal contains a number of channels and tools of electronic participation (e-participation) such as forums, questionnaires, comments on whatever is published, blogging, voting system, visitors' comments, personal membership, SMS messages and toll-free services around the clock.

• The portal management set a number of measures and restrictions related to using all the electronic participation channels, which guarantees high desired benefit with regard to e-participation principle. Hence, your usage for these channels is a permanent consent to the measures and restrictions of its usage.

• The portal management has the full right to delete. Not to publish any comments or participation for the portal's users, regarded by the management as inappropriate. In case there are any inquiries or opinions about privacy terms and Disclaimer, you can communicate with VMA portal management via our website at