How to be Good Resident .. Good On-call (2nd Edition)


Residency will be one of the toughest but potentially most rewarding times of your life. As the name “resident” implies, you are basically taking up residence in a hospital and the few miles surrounding it. The majority of your time will be spent there with your co-residents.

In this lecture , we will discuss general criteria for residents to display qualities that include trustworthiness, efficiency, independent learning, strong work ethics, high attention to detail, understanding what will be the expectations of the on-call and how to handle it.

Main theme

a total of two hours of a recorded interactive lecture that will discover the most important steps to guide you toward an excellent residency program.

Goals and Objectives

1.Discuss about effective preparation before beginning Medical Residency Program
2.Identify the importance of a strong beginning and first impression of the Residents
3.Illustrate the most important Medical Residency Application Tips
4.Maintaining optimum level of education and performance during Medical Residency Program
5.Recognize effective On-call management strategies during Residency Program

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All Healthcare Providers


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