Safe Pediatric Prescribing


Pediatric prescribing is complex and medication errors contribute to patient morbidity and mortality. This recorded course comprises 3 sections. The first is an introduction to pediatric prescribing, revising pharmacokinetics and local policy for safe prescribing. The second section illustrates high-risk medications and focuses on areas where errors frequently occur. The final section focuses on antibiotic mechanisms of actions and indications.

Certificate requirements:
- You have to watch all the course recordings
- You must score at least 70% all the quizzes.


By the end of this course you will be able to:
- Educate junior doctors about prescribing principles in pediatrics medicine.
- Familiarize junior doctors with local prescribing policies and guidelines.
- Determine the precautions in using high-risk medications.
- Recognize prohibited medication in pediatrics.
- Discuss antibiotics and discover the Historical deployments of antibiotics.
- Recognize the antibiotics classifications and mechanisms of actions.
- Enumerate the Indications uses and side effects of antibiotics.
- Discuss mechanisms of resistance of antibiotics.
- Discuss the principles of antibiotics use.

Main theme

This recorded course comprises of three parts each part will cover a specific topic about safe pediatrics medication prescribing.

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